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Saturday, July 31, 2010

the best $2.48 i ever spent

A couple of weeks ago at Target I found this jar of red plastic jewel vase filler on clearance for $2.48.  I was thrilled because I had recently read an article in Disney's Family Fun magazine about a mom who found that using "reward jars" with her four kids took the pain out of trying to get them to help with chores.  Since Princess will be 4 soon, I figured it was time for her to start learning how to do chores around the house as well, especially cleaning up the gazillion toys that seem to get scattered throughout the house all day long, no matter how often I pick them up.

So I took it home, jazzed it up with some scrapbook paper and ribbon, and voila!  A revolution was begun.  Princess loves earning "diamonds" to fill up her jar, and getting her to cooperate at clean-up time is no longer a hassle.  She also earns diamonds for things like being a good listener while we are out & about and playing nicely with her sister.  Once her jar is full, she earns a prize from the prize box.  She's happy, I'm happy.  Life is good!

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