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Thursday, September 30, 2010

thursday shopping 9-30-10

I'll be honest, today was not one of my better shopping days.  Savings-wise, I still did fine, but I was frazzled and disorganized, and generally a bit crabby overall.  The last day of the month caught me by surprise, and I feel like I have been rushing around all day (even more than normal) trying to catch up on all the things I wanted to have done by today.  I never did catch up and spent most of the day feeling frustrated.  I left for Publix without organizing my coupons and my checkout was a complete disaster.  I'm pretty sure I missed out on some major savings, but everything was so scattered that there is no way to be sure.  The very un-friendly cashier didn't help matters either.  Of course she was probably just mirroring my bad mood.  UPDATE:  I couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong with my total.  Turns out I was right.  I was charged full price for something I didn't end up buying (because it wasn't on sale.  I went back for a price adjustment today & my new (better) totals are reflected below.

It's a shame too, because there were some really nice things that happened this week.  I received a stunningly beautiful handmade thank-you card in the mail from Crystal (the winner of my first share-the-wealth giveaway.)  And a few days ago I received 6-$2 off Smart Balance milk coupons in the mail from Olenka, a fellow blogging frugalista, which I was able to use yesterday while they were still on sale at Publix.  (I included that purchase with today's shopping report.)  And as if that weren't enough, I'm getting a fabulous blog makeover from Seventy Two Blog Designs.

So enough of all that negativity.  It's time to snap out of it and move on!

Speaking of which, on to shopping:

At Publix yesterday I spent $3.00 for $21.54 worth of milk, a savings of 86%.  Thanks again Olenka for sharing your coupons.  That was amazingly sweet of you!

Coupons used:
(6) $2 off Smart Balance Milk

My first stop this morning was to Walgreens.  I normally do all my drugstore shopping on Sunday, but this Walgreens was right next to Winn-Dixie and the freebies were really good this week, so I thought I'd just run in and see if they had anything left.   I ended up paying $3.30 for $76.96 worth of merchandise, a savings of 96%.  I also tried one of those Full Bars today and they are both tasty and filling!  If I were dieting, I would definitely pay money for a snack like that!

For detailed information, visit sunday shopping 9-26-10.

I almost didn't bother with Winn-Dixie again this week, but they had Betty Crocker scalloped potatoes on BOGO sale.  My husband and kids really like those AND I had a whole bunch of coupons from the Pillsbury Better at Home booklet that was available at the grocery stores a few weeks ago.  While I was there, I figured I would grab a few more pork chops, which are also a hit with the fam.  At Winn-Dixie I spent $15.77 for $49.20 worth of groceries, a savings of 68%.

Coupons Used:
(9) $1 off of 2 Betty Crocker Boxed Potatoes (Better at Home booklet)

On my main trip to Publix today, I spent $27.08 for $89.76 worth of groceries, a savings of 70%.  I somehow completely forgot about the Hamburger Helper, so I may go back later this week.

Coupons Used (not sure if they were all processed correctly):
(2) $5 off 5 Kraft Dairy products (no more prints available)
(2) $1 off Publix bread when you buy Kraft Singles
(4) $0.55 off Kraft Singles (Publix coupon--print here)
(4) $1 off Kraft chunk cheese (Publix coupon, no more prints available)
(2) $1 off 2 Cheez-It crackers (Red Plum insert, 8/29)
(2) $0.50 off Whole Fruit Sorbet (Red Plum insert, 7/25)
(1) Free Hass Avocado (no more prints available)
(2) $1 off 2 Pillsbury Sweet Rolls (Better at Home booklet)
(1) $1 off 3 Old El Paso Products (Better at Home booklet)
(1) Free Old El Paso Taco Seasoning when you buy 2 boxes of shells (peelie on box)
(2) $0.40 off Country Crock (All You Magazine, August 2010)

Overall, I spent $49.15 for $237.46, an average savings of 79% for the day.  Combined with my Sunday totals, this week I spent $71.90 for $462.08 worth of groceries and drugstore merchandise, an average savings of 84% for the week.


  1. I am sorry your day went the way it went.. and hope that tomorrow will be better for you!!

    All in all tho you still did wonderful. You never cease to amaze me!!

    OOH and You are so welcome! I am happy you got it in time to use them, I was worried about that!

  2. Great blog! Came across your blog from one of the blog hops, and looking forward to reading more of your stuff. I am now following... feel free to follow back if you like!!!!
    All the best,


  3. Awesome job on the savings. New follow from the Blog Hop www.athomemoma.com

  4. Thanks for following me @ The Thrifty Military Wife. I am now following you back. I look forward to reading!


  5. Thanks for stopping by, I'm your newest follower!
    Guide to Smart Shopping

  6. Oh ((Ruth))...gotta love days like that, huh? I know how that goes, so I'm here with a hug! :) I think you STILL did GREAT on your savings - wow! I know how it's hard not to dwell on what 'could've been' (believe me, I have!), but wow, you did GREAT! :)

    Glad to see you got the card...I just posted it today (Friday)! lol I was a little worried b/c of the added 'thickness'. ;-b


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