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Sunday, October 24, 2010

sunday shopping 10-24-10

I've been offline all weekend as I am desperately trying to finish repainting our master bedroom.  (No small task with two little ones constantly underfoot--Trouble seems to be drawn like a magnet to wet paint!)  With hours left of painting yet to complete, I almost skipped my Sunday shopping altogether, but then I ran out of paint.  The CVS ad wasn't thrilling me this week but Walgreens is right on the way to Home Depot.  I figured I would just pop in for a few things.

Here is what I got:

At Walgreens I spent $9.97 for $85.39 worth of merchandise, a savings of 88%.

Coupons Used:
Transaction #1:
(bought 3 Alka-Seltzer Plus)
(3) $3 off Alka-Seltzer Plus (Red Plum insert 10/24)

Transaction #2:
(bought 1 Colgate Sensitive, 1 Contac Cold & Flu, 1 $0.05 pencil)
(1) $2 off Contac Cold & Flu (printable here)
(1) $1 off Colgate Sensitive (Smart Source insert 10/10)
$5 Register Rewards (from Transaction #1)

Transaction #3:
(bought Pull-Ups, 2 Zicam Plus, 1 toy, 3 pencils)
(1) $2 off Pull-Ups (printable here)
(2) $2 off Zicam Plus (Smart Source insert 10/24)
(1) $2 off Zicam (Walgreens November Coupon Booklet, automatically doubles for 2 items)
$9.50 Register Rewards (from Transaction #2)

Since I only went to one store, my total savings for the week so far is 88%

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