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Thursday, October 21, 2010

thursday shopping 10-21-10

I started out this morning a little frustrated because my papers didn't include several of the coupons I was hoping to use.  It didn't help matters that I had sneaked Trouble's special blankie into the wash, not realizing that she, being obsessed with the washer, would see it tumbling around and completely freak out.  It was hard to concentrate over the hour-long scream fest that ensued, and I completely forgot to print another free avocado coupon while assembling my list.

My grocery outing itself, however, was a joy.  Trouble was in exceptionally good spirits, having made a full recovery from her earlier trauma, and we zipped through Publix without forgetting a single thing (except my free avocado coupon!)  CVS was similarly delightful, and the wonderful manager there had no problem accepting my 2-days-expired Extra Care Bucks.

Here is what I got:
At Publix I spent $26.76 for $83.77 worth of groceries, a savings of 68%.  

Coupons Used:
 (4) $1 off 3 Bird's Eye Steam Fresh Vegetables (Smart Source insert, 9/26)
(4) $0.55 off BumbleBee Tuna (Smart Source insert, 9/12)
(2) $0.75 off 2 Betty Crocker Brownie Mix (printable here)
(1) $0.50 off Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks (printable here)
(2) $1.50 off CoffeeMate Creamer (printable here)
(1) $1 off 2 Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs (Smart Source insert, 9/26)
(1) Free Energizer Recharge Batteries (received in mail)
(1) $0.90 off Glory Food Product (printable here)

At CVS I spent $0.33 for $9.22 worth of groceries, a savings of 96%.

Coupons Used:
$2.80 ECBs (expired 10/19)
(2) $1 off Mentos Gum (Smart Source insert, 10/3)
(1) Free CVS Hand Sanitizer Pen (CVS Twitter Promotion--Expired)

Altogether, I spent $27.09 for $92.99 worth of groceries, an average savings of 71% for the day.  

Combined with my Sunday totals, this week I spent a total of $45.53 for $336.09 worth of groceries and drugstore merchandise, an average savings of 86% for the week.

Okay, all you coupon shoppers, how did YOU do this week?

Here is something new & fun:  link to your weekly shopping results below, or simply leave a comment with your proudest shopping moment this week!


  1. On Tuesday I went to Albertsons and got a bag of Kettle chips and 2 boxes of microwave popcorn (3 bags in each) and paid exactly $0. I was amazed that it came out perfectly! Also this week I got 12 boxes of fruit snacks for $.24 each at Safeway!

  2. Wow, awesome job! I love those Kettle chips--so jealous you got them for free! :-) You did much better on your fruit snacks than I did!


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