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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


It's not Monday, but for some reason it still feels like it to me.  Ever have one of those days where you can never quite seem to catch up?  Today I am participating in Confessions.  I did this a couple of weeks ago, and I am doing it again because sometimes I feel that the impression you get of me is much better than the person I really am.  As I explained last time, I am just a girl who is good at using coupons, but otherwise far from perfect.

confession: Princess is driving me crazy.  I feel horribly guilty just for saying it.  She is very bright for her age and I think I have a tendency to forget that she is only four.  She talks incessantly and is a walking stream of never-ending needs: "please mommy, can I have a snack? please mommy, can I do a craft? please mommy, can I have some water? please mommy, can I watch tv? please mommy, can you read me a book? please mommy, can I have some candy? please mommy, can we play a game?(etc. ad infinity)" All of her requests are totally normal and really shouldn't bother me that much, and for the most part, she is a super polite little girl.  But she never stops!  And if I say no, she just. keeps. asking. FOREVER!  It's like it doesn't register in her little brain.  She also seems to have a serious listening problem right now, and by that I mean anything I ask her to do gets completely ignored.  I finally get so frustrated that I just snap.  And yell.  And then feel bad.

confession:  I have seriously failed my family on the dinner front lately.  Our past 7 meals have included a canned soup/Chef-Boy-Ardee medly, Tyson chicken fries (yes, that was the whole meal), Domino's pizza, and grilled cheese.  My biggest effort was spaghetti (with Ragu sauce).  Not exactly gourmet, or even very well balanced for that matter!   Ashley Ann of Under the Sycamore had an amazing post about once-a-month cooking a few days ago that both inspired me and filled me with shame at my own shortcomings.  Maybe next month.

confession:  Blogging takes up a lot of my time and I am still working to find a good balance between computer time and family time.  I have the best husband in the whole world, and he has been nothing but 100% supportive.  Every evening he entertains the kids, gets them ready for bed, does the dishes, and helps in a million other ways, just because he believes in me and my little blog.  But I know he misses me.  Hopefully I'll figure it all out soon.

confession: I am a Harry Potter maniac.  I am practically beside myself that the new movie comes out in just over a week.  I can't wait.  I have read all the books at least 10 times each, and I own all the movies.  I am also dying to go to the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal's Islands of Adventure in Orlando.  Husband is just happy that I have finally found some fellow Harry Potter nerd mom friends to join me in my obsession so that I no longer have to drag him along.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I feel for you. My oldest daughter makes me batty too. Parenting is so insanely overwhelming. I know how you feel about the yelling. Sometimes I am amazed at what comes out of my mouth. Morning de-stressing and prayer times have been the biggest help for me.
    Ughh, meal times! Why does it have to be so hard?!
    I hope you find your blogging groove soon. I know it's hard when everything feels out of balance.

  2. i know how you feel on the 4yo front. I too, have a 4yo DD that is in the same phase as yours, a 2 yo DS that is not interested in potty training (ugh) and 11 week old twin boys. i just returned back to work last week and i started a coupon blog a few weeks back. My hubby is sooooo understanding but he is not around to help as much because of his work schedule. I however, have been doing well on the home cooking front thanks to e-mealz and other resources. I would love to cook one day of the month as well so when you figure it out, let me know. I'm also a potter head and am beside myself waiting for the movie to come out. I just hope this one is better than the last two but either way, I'll be in line on opening night.

    Hang in there and know you have others who are there with you.

  3. HONEY!!! I'm so sorry Princess is giving you trouble, but please know that you're not alone! I was doing all I could to not cry on the way to a play date with my daughter yesterday because she has been soooo difficult! Not yelling is my biggest challenge, and I have had to put myself in the naughty spot for doing it. (Little one loves that!) Love ya!

  4. soooo glad I found this!!! I have a 6yr old daughter, 3yr old son, and 8mo old daughter. The 6yr old is GREAT most of the time (occasionally she thinks she runs the house and gets attitude that is quickly corrected with my 'mom look'), the 8mo old cried for the first 3 months and I literally thought I would die from stress overload. The 3yr old-SIGH-he is AWFUL (and now I feel bad but I know you all understand...i hope) he does not listen at all, he tells me (and my hubby) NO all the time, he is in the talk-til-mom-loses-her-mind stage, he makes noise constantly, he makes messes constantly, he's been potty-trained-TWICE and just recently started pooping in his pants again. He tries to play with his lil sis but usually ends up hurting her. he wants to play with his older sis but has been so mean that she doesn't want to play with him. he will ask a question and repeat the question over and over and over and over until he gets an answer he like. He thinks growling 'please' and wrinkling his nose at me is gonna change my mind. he makes me nuts and stresses me out!!! I yell. I scream. I 'almost' cry. I BEG him to 'just be a good boy PLEASE'.... and I count down the days til he can go to school....I'll still have the baby at home-and who knows-she may be worse then him (pray for me if she is) but atleast I will get a few hours a day without the stress-kid. Isn't that awful???? but it's true. Hubby and I have tried to figure out what needs to be done to correct the back talk and can't come up with anything else....suggestions anyone???? So yes, as the others said-you are NOT alsone and you shouldn't feel bad. We can't play all-day-long. and we can only come up with so many crafts, games, and ideas before tv becomes the obvious choice that works!!


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