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Monday, November 1, 2010

october recap & november goals

October was another month that just flew by.  Did I miss a memo somewhere about time speeding up in 2010?  I can't believe the year is almost over!  Seriously, where did it go?

Budget-wise, I didn't do too badly, but also not as great as I had hoped, either.  I was actually feeling really confident about coming in well below budget all month until a few days ago, when my husband unexpectedly handed me a pile of receipts for purchases he had made during the month.  It was nothing shocking--gas, haircut, auto parts store, pizza, a night out on the town with friends--but it definitely added up!

Budget-wise, here is how I did for October (over budget categories are in red; under budget in green):

Groceries:  budgeted $325.00, spent $257.01
(Looking at that number, I still can't believe I only spent 257.01 on groceries this month!  What a change from the $1200-1500 I was spending every month before I started coupon shopping.  That is a lot of shoes!)
Eating Out:  budgeted $125.00, spent $119.94
(We were lucky because my mother-in-law treated us to dinner out a couple of times this month!)
Gas & Automobile Expenses: budgeted $275.00, spent 275.12
(Still my most frustrating expense and I was SO close to being within budget this month!)
Date Night:  budgeted $50.00, spent $50.00
(We had a really fun night out on the town with some friends.)
Kids' Activities, Crafts, & Entertainment:  budgeted $75, spent $70
(This was all spent during Halloween weekend at a variety of activities)
Home Decor & Organizing: budgeted $200.00, spent $291.65
(I ended up going way over on this category again purchasing things for my master bedroom remodel.  I didn't plan my budget very well, because I stayed well within budget for the remodel.)
Clothing: budgeted $150.00, spent $107.53
Gifts: budgeted $50.00, spent $40.00
Entertaining & Parties: budgeted $100.00, spent $140.61
(Why do I always end up going way over in this category?)
Babysitting: budgeted $150.00, spent $108.00
Blog Expenses: budgeted $150.00, spent $45.55
Misc.: budgeted $50.00, spent $117.94
(Once again went way over on this category too.  Hmmmmmm....)

Total amount spent: $1,623.35
Total amount saved (from coupons, deals, & discounts): $1,810.02

Savings Goal: $150.00
Actual Money into Savings: $226.65

All-in-all, still a decent month.

Goal-wise, October was a little better than September, but I think I may still have been a little overly ambitious.  Here is how I did:

October Goals:
-complete my fabulous blog makeover
-baby-proof my cabinets
I can thank my hardworking husband for doing this one.  Life is so much better!
-organize the garage
There are still some organization projects to tackle in there, but they are all tool & husband related items. I am washing my hands of that project.
-continue working on early Christmas shopping
Um, yeah, not so much....
-sort through Maggie’s art projects
-decorate for Halloween
-begin working on Thanksgiving plan
-organize my kitchen cabinets
I managed to organize 2 of them.  Maybe next month!
-clear out the armoire in living room (so we can finally convert it into a wet bar as planned.)
Didn't even attempt this one.
--re-organize craft supplies
Or this one.
-re-organize home office
-complete my Master Bedroom remodel
Just waiting on the bench to come back from being reupholstered.  And I have to say, the room is BEAUTIFUL!  I promise to share pictures very soon!

After 3 months in a row of running myself ragged, I am going to try to slow down this month (just a little, but slowing down is not really in my nature.)  

Here are my goals for November:

-get at least 60% of my Christmas shopping done
-start working on creating a coupon class (both in-person and online)
-clear out the armoire in the living room
-organize kitchen cabinets
-organize craft supplies
-fill 10 Operation Christmas Child boxes
-have a fun, cozy, & relaxed Thanksgiving

Such a small list this month, it is almost pitiful.  But I'm slowing down.  Or at least telling myself (and my husband) that I am slowing down.  Just a little.


  1. You have def inspired me to coupon! I have a 1 and 3 yr old and it is so nice to have extra groceries/toiletries around yet still spend less than before. I am working on my "stockpile" now, so I know my bill will continue to go down. My husband made fun of me at first ("how many deodorants do you need?!"), but now he is very impressed & encouraging about it!

  2. You are such an inspiration to me as well...I LOVE reading your blog and I hope you get the cozy, relaxed Thanksgiving you deserve!!


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