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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

operation christmas child: giveaway winners

I have been SO amazed and inspired to read your comments about all the ways in which you give during the holidays.  All of you deserve to win, but unfortunately, I only have 3 prizes.

In no particular order, here are the 3 winners of the $15 Starbucks gift cards:

Donna George, who said "I give back year round.  Whenever I can find something on our local homeless shelter wish list that is free or cheap, I pick it up to donate.  Our shelter serves men, women, and children, so there is usually something to find each week.  I save them up for the monthly trip to the shelter to serve food."

Deborah, who said, "I love packing shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child!! My family and I have been doing this along with our church for many years. We have even traveled to work at the process center several times. I am always looking for clearence items through out the year for our boxes. We usually pack 6-10 but I have started couponing since last Christmas and I am so excited to have so much "free" stuff to send this year!!! I have already started putting my boxes together. My goal is to have at least 20!! :) "

Marissa, who said "Love it!  I will definitely be participating.  Good work!"

Congratulations ladies, and thank you so much to everyone who participated!

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