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Sunday, November 14, 2010

sunday shopping 11-14-10

I just have to say that I really, really, really love shopping at CVS.  I was so glad to see the deals were back this week, because CVS, I missed you!  I stopped at my two favorite stores today (Punta Gorda & Edgewater/US41), and both were a dream.  I mentioned last week that the Edgewater CVS is ranked one of the best stores in the whole country, and this week again the whole staff bent over backwards to help me find the items I was looking for.  If I could only shop at one store for the rest of my life, it would be CVS.

Here is what I got:

At CVS I spent $10.14 for $101.13 worth of groceries and merchandise, a savings of 90%.  I went to two different stores and used two different CVS cards (Each member of my family has a separate CVS card.)  The toothbrushes were sold out at the Punta Gorda store, but I managed to snag the last two at the Edgewater store.  I think they will make great Christmas presents, so if you are one of the lucky family members coming to my house for Christmas this year, don't be surprised if Santa seems especially concerned with your oral hygiene! 

Transaction Info:

(Edgewater Store)

Transaction #1:
Bought: (1) Oral B Vitality Toothbrush
Coupons Used:
(1) $10 off Oral B Vitality (Red Plum 11/14)
$12 ECBs (leftover from 3 weeks ago)
Total Due: $2.61
Received $13 ECBs

Bought: (1) Oral B Vitality Toothbrush
Coupons Used:
(1) $10 off Oral B Vitality (Red Plum 11/14)
$13 ECBs (from Transaction #1)
Total Due: $1.61
Received $13 ECBs

Transaction #3:
Bought: (1) Huggies Little Movers, (1) Fiber One, (1) Herbal Essences shampoo, (1) Stove Top Stuffing
Coupons Used:
(1) $0.50 off Herbal Essences (Red Plum 11/14)
(1) $0.50 off Fiber One Bars (printable here and here)
(1) $2.50 off Huggies Little Movers (no more prints available)
$13 ECBs (from Transaction #2)
Total Due: $1.73
Received $2, $3 ECBs (to use next week)

(Punta Gorda Store)

Transaction #1
Bought: (1) Herbal Essences conditioner
Coupons Used:
(1) $0.50 off Herbal Essences (Red Plum 11/14)
Total Due:  $2.70
Received: $2 ECBs

Transaction #2
Bought: (1) Fiber One bars
Coupons Used:
(1) $0.50 off Fiber One Bars (printable here and here)
$2 ECBs (from Transaction #1)
Total Due: $1.49
Received: $3 ECBs

As always, if you have any questions about my transactions or coupons used, please feel free to leave a comment below!  I do read all the comments, and I try to respond to any questions as best I can.

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  1. I have been following your blog for a while and absolutley LOVE it. I have learned so much from all of your tips. :) Yesterday I went to CVS for my very first coupon experience trip. I must say IT WAS HEAVENLY!!! I bought the Oral B toothbrush for the 1st transaction. Used 13 ECB from last week and the $10 off coupon. Then the next transaction was the Aussie Shampoo & Conditioner both w/ coupons, 4 Sobee drinks (I'm hooked), 2 mentos w/ coupons, Vaseline lotion w/ coupon, blistex. Total after everything was $6 and change. Also got back ECB's. All in all I was VERY happy with that. I'm ready to go again!! Thank you. Stephanie

  2. Stephanie, that's awesome! Way to go! Thanks for your nice comments, you made my day! :-)

  3. Hey Ruth . . . thank you for visiting, commenting and following my blog . . . I'm following you back and look forward to check it all out!

    I never thought of CVS as a place to do serious shopping . . . I'll have to investigate this!

    Happy Thursday . . . Gina


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