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Monday, August 9, 2010

monday mania

I discovered today that when it comes to shopping with my kids, three stores is their limit.  I wanted to make the most of my 25 minute drive to the SuperTarget in Cape Coral, so we first made stops at nearby Jo-Ann's &  Staples, and then swung by Walgreen's on our way home.  For a 1 and nearly-4-year-old, they did really well and were actually pretty good, but next time I think I'll either leave them home or limit the number of stops.  Even so, it was a very productive day!

Here is what I got:
In general, I find it very hard to save significantly at craft stores.  But I am still trying to gather things for M's craft-themed birthday party and there were some Jo-Ann's coupons in this Sunday's paper, so I thought I'd swing by.  I spent $20.32 for $39.68 worth of craft supplies, a savings of 49%.

I had a little more success at Target, even though I needed to buy a few non-sale items.  I found some great clearance items to use for the party, and I got 10 post-it notes for FREE!  I spent $36.99 for  $112.52 worth of groceries and party supplies, for a savings of 67%.

My Walgreens stop was very chaotic because the girls were pretty much done by then.  I probably could've done a little better on my third transaction, but it was still one of my better trips to Walgreens.  I spent $8.88 for $53.05 worth of merchandise, a savings of 83%!

Overall, including my mega-savings at Staples, it was a very good morning.  After rebates, I spent a total of $78.24 for $328.82 worth of groceries and merchandise, an average savings of 76% for the day.  Not bad for a Monday!

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