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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

birthday party progress

Husband took the girls to Jungle Garden on Saturday so that I could have some time to work on the billion craft projects I have come up with for M's upcoming birthday party. (It is a "crafty" theme, after all!)  All I can say is it is a good thing they were gone for a looooong time!

Party hats--I made more than I needed, but they are just so darn cute! 

I let Maggie choose her favorite.  Surprisingly, she didn't choose the one with the pink pom pom.

These little toothpick flags will decorate the cupcakes.

Cutout letters and pennants for the decorative banners.  

The goody bags.  These were leftover bags from our wedding favors!  The kids will fill them up themselves with goodies from the dessert table and the pinata.

Craft aprons for the kids & plastic "paint" buckets that will hold assorted candy on the dessert table.

I think these clear plastic paint buckets are so cute.  I had three of the large size but only needed 2 for foam stickers (for the craft), so I used the third one as a silverware caddy.

I found a couple empty paint cans in the garage that I decorated to hold the paint brushes and paint for the kids' craft project.

Here is the breakdown of the supplies I purchased for these crafts:

Scrapbook Paper-$10 (used one value pack that I bought on sale for 50% off)
8 assorted plastic paint cans-$18.18 (all bought either on sale or with coupons)
Ribbon-$5.96 (mostly on clearance or bought with coupons)
Aprons-$4 (on clearance)

Things I had on hand:
Glue gun & glue sticks
Sewing machine, thread,  & basting glue
Black fabric paint
2 empty paint cans
pom-poms (ripped off some of Maggie's old craft projects!)
favor bags
white linen cardstock
computer & printer
clear plastic silverware & white napkins

Total Spent: $38.14


  1. It's truly adorable. She's ging to love it Ruth!

  2. So awesome! I love your blog. I love that you put the end result (the party) but also posted everything leading up to it. I am in the process of planning my daughters 1st birthday and your posts have been very helpful. I love the tissue puffs.


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