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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

the pinata

M's only real request for her birthday party this year was to have a pinata.  I swear I have not gotten so cheap that I wouldn't be willing to cough up $15 to make my 4-year old happy, but I honestly couldn't find any pre-made ones that matched my theme & decor.  So I decided to make try & make one....

The lighting was really terrible so the color is a little off, but I think the overall result is pretty good!

And the cost was almost nothing--a balloon, some flour, newspaper, tissue paper, & leftover scrapbook paper.  The biggest expense was probably the two bottles of school glue I used to glue on the tissue paper, which I luckily got at Staples a few weeks ago for $0.25 each.

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  1. Very adorable! I wished I had seen these a couple of days ago!!! Would have loved to make something like this for my little Gabby who just turned 6 on Saturday. Happy birthday to your little one!


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