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Thursday, August 12, 2010

the best grocery day ever

I have to give major points to the cashiers at both Publix and Winn-Dixie today for being so patient and so nice, despite my gazillion confusing coupons (many of which wouldn't scan) AND my restless children.  But all of the hassle definitely paid off when I ended up paying only $33.12 for $227.96 worth of groceries, an overall savings of 85%.  It was definitely my best grocery shopping day to date.

My first stop of the day was Publix, where I was able to stock up on lots of frozen chicken (a hit with both Chuck and the girls) and frozen pancakes & french toast, which are Annie's breakfast time favorites.  With the exception of the raisins, blueberries, bananas, & crescent rolls, everything I bought was on BOGO sale, and I had at least one coupon for every item purchased.  I also found out that my Publix accepts Whole Foods coupons as a competitor even though the nearest Whole Foods is an hour away.  That meant that I got four packages of Honest Kids organic juice boxes for FREE!  Yay!  I don't normally let my kids drink juice, but since these ones are both organic and low in sugar,  I decided to let it slide this time.   (They will be perfect for M's upcoming birthday party!)  Altogether, I spent $38.21 for $167.87 worth of groceries at Publix, a savings of 77%.

I was so psyched by my major savings at Publix that I almost skipped Winn-Dixie altogether.  However, since I really wanted to get some salad mix, bread, & cheese for Chuck's lunches and since it was right on the way to picking him up from work this evening, I decided to go for it.  But I'm glad I did!  My 3  transactions were far too confusing to explain, requiring the assistance of 2 (very nice) cashiers and 1 (very nice) manager, but I ended up getting $60.09 worth of groceries for FREE and actually making $5.09 PROFIT!  That's right, when it was all said and done, Winn-Dixie paid me $5.09 to take this stuff home.

I told you it was the best day ever!

Combined with my shopping trip on Monday (to Jo-Ann's,Walgreens, Staples, & Target) I spent a total of $111.36 for $556.78 worth of groceries and merchandise this week, an overall average savings of 80%.


  1. Great job!! I'm visiting from Frugality Is Free Savings Linky. I only keep track of my CVS shopping, I need to watch my groceries savings to be sure I am hitting the mark.

  2. you did amazing and I just love your blog!!! I'm your first follower too!!!
    Take care!

  3. I want to know how you did the Winn Dixie deal!! It encourages me to know that it can be done. Thanks!

  4. I found you from Frugality Is Free Savings Linky as well! I am in awe at your savings and am a follower now as well! I am just now able to spend less as well since my stock pile is somewhat high! I look forward to reading more and gaining some new tips from you as well 80)

  5. I'm your newest follower!

    Awesome job on the savings! My boys are loving the pancakes from the Publix deals this week.

    Thank you for linking up your savings at Frugality Is Free. I would love it, if you would come join
    The Sunday Twitter Exchange @ Frugality Is Free.

  6. Thanks everyone! I'm so excited & flattered that you like my blog. Tawanda, I wish I could explain more about the Winn-Dixie trip, but it was really more of a lucky fluke than anything else-- just a weird random combination of multiple transactions, a billion really good coupons, a confusing return (because of a mistake I made), and a lucky catalina deal.

  7. Ruth,
    I understand and I say CONGRATULATIONS! I enjoy reading about your deals, so keep posting! :)


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