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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

new beginnings

I have always loved the back-to-school season.  There is something about the hint of fall in the air, new school supplies and school clothes, the idea of a fresh start that just gets me every time.  It has been many years since I was a student, but now, finally, this year I have a child old enough to go "back to school" for the first time.

Today was Maggie's first day of pre-K.  She picked her own outfit (her favorite "zebra-ina" dress, as my husband calls it), was up and dressed before I was this morning, and I watched as my suddenly-very-grown up little girl marched into her classroom, sat down at a table, and got to work with barely a second glance back at me.

As a mom, I am excited for the promise that this new school year brings for my child--the things she will learn, the friends she will make, the new experiences she will have.  

But as a mom, this new school year also means changes for me.  A new schedule, new moms to meet, a new routine to get into.   I have always been a person who likes change, so I'm okay with that.  

I am also a very goal-and-checklist-oriented person, so I thought it only fitting that I use this opportunity to set some new goals for myself this month:

September Goals:
-organize my kitchen cabinets
-plan my master bedroom remodel (to be done in October)--develop an inspiration board & budget.
-begin planning & working on fall/halloween decorations
-baby proof my bathroom cabinets!
-clean & organize my garage--do one thing every day
-start Christmas shopping
-re-organize my coupons
-sell unwanted/unneeded items on craigslist.  If they haven’t sold by the end of the month, donate remaining items to goodwill.
-sort through Maggie’s art projects from the past year.  Keep the good ones and recycle the rest.

Happy back-to-school time to you all!  Here's to a great year!

Tell me, do you have any goals for yourself this month?


  1. Cute outfit! My kids start school next week! SK and grade 2.
    You just got a new follower via gfc and trailing tuesdays! Yipee, excited to read your post via google reader! Hope you can follow me back at www.threejewelsinmycrown.blogspot.com

  2. OOH what a cutie indeed!!!! awww


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