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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

cvs black friday shopping

If you like free stuff, you will love the Black Friday deals happening at CVS!  The ad was active as of 9pm this evening, so I couldn't resist my chance to hot deals ahead of the crowds.  I could've easily walked out of there spending less than $5 for over $100 worth of stuff, but there were a few extra things I added that bumped up my total.  I also found a few random items--fall decorations & socks--on 90% clearance.

Here is what I got:

All in all, I spent $16.96 for $140.31 worth of drugstore merchandise, a savings of 88%.  However without the popcorn maker (a gift) & toilet paper (badly needed), my total OOP would've only been about $2 for $110 worth of stuff.

The staff was great about letting me do the deals & super nice despite my 10 transactions.  All the items rang up at the sale prices, but the ECBs didn't print and needed to be manually printed after each transaction, which took a lot longer.

I am not including my transaction info because a.) it is late and I'm tired, and b.) Until my last few transactions,when I added my "extra" items, I followed the exact scenarios outlined by Jenny at Southern Savers.  You can find that information by clicking here.

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving!

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