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Thursday, November 11, 2010

holiday shopping tip: daily deal sites

If you are looking to stretch your budget this holiday season, you are in luck.  It seems like there are new daily deal sites popping up almost every day, and I am definitely not complaining!  As you've probably already noticed, I just love Groupon and I buy them frequently.  I have also found some amazing deals on Eversave, Jasmere, Zulily, and RueLaLa.

And today I have discovered a new site!   Gilt has some pretty amazing discounted designer goods available too.  With all this competition, Gilt has stepped up its game and is offering a $20 credit to all new members.  If you check out the site, you will see that they have a lot of items priced under $20 which means that you can score one of those holiday gifts for FREE!  (Click this link to sign up and get your free credit.)

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  1. RATS! I wish I had know you didn't know about Gilt.. I would have sent you an invite for the referral credit. You get $25 when someone you refer buys something. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that site..some days I drool and some days I buy..
    I love it when Versace and Missoni go up for sale. :)

  2. hi Ruth! Kohl's was out the other day putting $10 off $20 or more flyers on doors! Much to Eric's dismay, I got 2 more flyers from my neighbors and plan to shop shop shop!

  3. Thanks for posting this I was able to get some nice glasses and a Where the Wild Things Are stuffed toy for $20 plus free shipping so $0 oop. Thanks so much these will make great gifts for Christmas. Linette


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